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SLOBLOCO 2020 was the first Slovak Blockchain Congress with international participation. It took place from November 16, 2020 to November 18, 2020 in X-BIONIC® SPHERE RESORT, which is situated in Šamorín, Slovak Republic, just 30 minutes from Bratislava.

The congress was organized by the company KELTA CUBE LTD., which provides hosting services for a variety of purposes, including scientific research, neural network testing, game services and cryptocurrency mining.

SLOBLOCO 2020 lasted three days and it was dedicated to education in the field of Blockchain and the cryptoworld with a focus on the practical use of the technology in our daily lives, as well as in business and entrepreneurship. Our speakers presented also their existing real projects running on Blockchain.

These were the main topics of the congress:

• Taxation of income from cryptocurrencies transactions

• Legislative proposal of the European Commission on crypto assets, including stablecoins

• Tokenization

• COVID-19 vaccine development using investment based on Blockchain technology

• Macroeconomic and political issues presented by our main speaker Ivan Miklos, the former deputy prime minister and minister of finance of the Slovak Republic

• KELTA´s new modules and services and future visions

• Blockchain technology in gaming and art

• Decade of crypto in market

In addition to interesting topics and lecturers, we also prepared workshops, where the participants had the opportunity to meet our speakers in person. On the last day of SLOBLOCO 2020 congress, interesting funny competitions and activities awaited the guests with the main prize of 1 Bitcoin.

You can see some photos from the congress below. More you can find in our archive, that we have prepared for you. It also contains all lectures and presentations in Slovak and English language.

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