11.7.2018 13:59 GMT+2
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A New Era Of Science And Technology

For people to keep enjoying the benefits of modern life, we need to acknowledge the benefits of science and technology and look for ways to improve upon the current innovations in the world. It is hard to argue against the fact that there has never been a better time in history than today. People live longer and healthier lives. People have found ways to improve production, communication, entertainment, infrastructure, and so on. All these are possible through science and technology.

Ever since, science and technology have been improving on a daily basis without a pause as we have seen its influence on health, automobiles, security and many sectors. But as scientific researchers keep doing novel research on how to make today better than yesterday so also there is the need to improve on technology to be able to accommodate the various demands that keep rising daily.

One of the things we have realized is that the technological system and advances of tomorrow will require more computational power than what we use today. The Hardware makers have realized this and worked on creating cutting-edge technology to keep with this demand. Most IT Veterans with knowledge of the effects of Moore’s Law, which postulates that computer processing power roughly doubles every 18 months, know that we always have to advance on the best available technologies.

You don't need to upgrade to new software to need greater and greater processing capabilities. As the sheer volume of data to be processed increases, you need to be able to handle it faster to get through it all in a reasonable amount of time and meet up with the fast demand in technological innovations. As a result, it is almost inevitable in the coming years to add computing power, update current systems, or replace them with newer systems. The question is: what's the most effective and cost-effective way to do this? Lots of scientific researchers, technologist, and cryptographers do not have access to these supercomputers and high-end computational capabilities due to cost and some other factors.

We live in a global world which depends so much on scientific research and technological innovation, so there is a need to keep proffering solution to make high-end computational capabilities accessible to diligent scientists, cryptocurrency miners. This is where Kelta comes in, with a solution to this problem. Why not jump on the bandwagon today?

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