30.9.2019 19:59 GMT+2
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100 Watt = Minimum Investment !

What is the purpose of making an investment, that hardly covers one tasty meal?

There has been a lot of information about technical updates, referral links and revenues, and it all only underlines the fast pace of the Blockchain universe. Now, the time has come to take our project even further..

It has been a several weeks now that even I have noticed the fact, that there are investments, that simply lack the basic logic. Thanks to our newsletter every member knows, that KELTA is mainly about creating the passive income.

But can you tell me what is the purpose of investing in 1,2 or 3 KLT tokens? Can 5$ or 10$ per year change your way of life?

I have seen global debates on a various media and chat groups about this and it made me think about it even more. In case you were wondering, this is not a KELTA problem, this is a global scale issue with investments and their overall picture.

There are many angles, that can be a source of very educational debate for both sides, but I prefer to talk about positives more deeply and leave the short notice like this for the negative ones. With all this being said, or reminded you of, let me end up with the most important notice of this article. These changes are being brought up as a "defense" mechanism that has only one purpose. Eliminate the irrational investments from this sector.

KELTA Cryptocurrency Mining Minimum Investment has been set to 100 KLT tokens.

100 WATT = 1.75 ETH = 100KLT = Minimum Investment

Minimum Investment changes will be effective from the October 7th, 2019.

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